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The Who Will Do What By When? Online Training Program

Upgrade Your Leadership Power and Create a Culture of Accountability in 5 Weeks

"This approach has brought perspective and clarity to our daily business interactions by standardizing a common language. We now operate more efficiently in reaching our sales objectives and as a result had a record year."

-Tom Jordan, CEO, Public Trust Advisors

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    Upgrade your power to produce great results by acquiring cutting edge leadership and execution skills (“knowing” what to do doesn’t get stuff done)!

    This is a:

    • 5-week online training program, with...
    • 20 minutes or less video training per week, and...
    • Simple training assignments that integrate Who Will Do What by When technology into day-to-day action…

    …that will leave you being that leader and team member who gets things done… and is still well-liked!

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    Here's What Others Have Said...

    "Working with Tom and Birgit to apply the principles discussed in Who Will Do What By When? has transformed our team. We have become more excited, committed and productive in our personal and professional lives.”

    William A. Smotherman , Director Resource Planning - Energy Supply, Tampa Electric Company

    "This book will be show cased along side other best sellers One Minute Manger and Who Moved My Cheese as a fulfilling read with a high-impact story. I was totally captivated by this powerful book.”

    Peggy McColl, Author of On Being a Dog with a Bone (

    "I loved reading this book. It describes a great way to live — a hard way, but a great way. If you really follow this I can guarantee your life and performance will be better, but don’t buy it if you aren’t prepared to change.”

    Sam Ginzburg, CEO, Shay Capital

    "The Integrity Tools outlined are not only a guide to good business; they apply to every aspect of your life as well. Your system is easy to understand, share and use.” 

    Delores Kesler, Former Chairman and CEO, AccuStaff (now MPS Group)

    "We all know that there have been many books written about performance, communication and leading a positive life. This is one of the few that combines these important topics concisely and presents the lessons in an engaging and entertaining style. I’m excited to start improving how I interact and communicate with my teammates and my clients.”

    Mark Segel, CFP, Vice President/Commercial Lender, The Bank of Tampa 

    "Before working with Heads-Up Performance we weren’t capitalizing on all of the opportunities we knew were out there. They helped us implement systems that brought our performance results up sharply and our stress levels down significantly. They really made a dramatic difference.”

    Scott Jaffe, Senior Vice President, Smith-Barney

    "This book is fantastic. After reading more than half of it before trying to go to sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about the basic team building principles Coach was teaching Jake so I got back up and finished the entire book. Great characters and easy and delightful reading.”

    Keith Guevara , CEO, NBO Systems, Inc. 

    "The book energized me. I’ve read tons of leadership books in my life and I’d rank this among the best. I can put that chart right in front of me and use it to guide me through any interpersonal challenges I have. And it’s not just a leadership book; as a leader you’d want your players to read it, it will put you all in the same mindset. I would have called it: ‘How to Be a Team Leader and Team Player.”

    John Otterness, CEO, Otterness Construction Company 

    "I found the book to be the best guide to being a good manager and a good person that I have come across. I am going to request that my group of managers read and share it with their supervisors!”

    Paul Ziegler , VP, Central Pinellas Market Manager First National Bank

    "The potential and power of the human brain is enormous. Tom and Birgit’s book successfully guides the reader - with an engaging storyline - toward tapping into that power by providing the “how-tos” of business integrity.”

    Doug Bench, M.S., J.D., Science For Success Systems, 

    "As the owner of a business devoted to helping other businesses develop superior sales cultures, I’ve had the occasion to read a lot of business books over the years. While most have something to recommend in them, few provide insights with such immediate applicability as Who Will Do What By When? It addresses real business and human interaction issues and does so in an entertaining format. I like to get a good return on my reading time investment; this book delivered beyond expectations.”

    Mark Fitzgerald , Owner, Sales Training Institute, Inc.

    "A must read book. In addition to the invaluable team productivity principles it teaches, the book provides an example of the power of coaching. The process has changed my life and my sense of responsibility.”

    Tom Trexler, CEO, Corporate Finance Institute 

    "Before we started working with Tom and Birgit we were experiencing considerable inefficiency and tension among our staff. Since the Who Will Do What By When workshops and coaching we’re at a much higher level of performance – and my stress level is way down. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to upgrade their organization’s performance.”

    Julian Garcia, Director University Area Community Development Complex, Tampa 

    "This book communicates in a clear and precise manner how every leader can sustain, motivate, and inspire. I found the book a ‘must read’ for those wishing to get to and stay at the top.”

    Dr. Ben Lerner , N.Y. Times Best Selling Author of Body By God

    "Terrific! The book brings a new definition to the power integrity carries in the workplace. Something as seemingly harmless as being continuously late for meetings carries a big price in terms of how you are perceived in the office or at home and results in integrity depletion. I recommend this book as a key tool in your personal integrity management toolbox!”

    Bill Hearl, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Capital Genomix, Inc.

    "In an era where corporations have become synonymous with a lack of integrity, this book provides a welcome solution. It is a proven approach to building accountability, trust, and personal power.” 

    Dennis L. Rasmussen, Retired MLB Pitcher, Wealth Advisory Specialist, Legg Mason

    "Birgit and Tom’s book is a must read for anyone who needs to get a team to perform. It outlines a simple, practical strategy for clear communication and follow-through.”

    Leigh Ann Haller, President Haller Industries, Inc. 

    To learn more, submit the form below and I will follow up with you shortly:

      ...or call 813-453-3467 now!